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Program for accelerating climate actions in Indian industry

Need for Net-Zero

Corporate emissions, estimated to comprise around 45% of India's total emissions in FY 2023, are crucial to the government's net-zero strategy, emphasizing the urgent need for their reduction. Anticipated voluntary and regulatory sustainability initiatives are poised to have a notable impact on Indian companies.

SEBI Compliance

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) for India’s top 1000 listed companies.
Trade Regulations

Emissions-related trade regulations are being introduced, such as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism.
Indian Carbon Market

The government has introduced a framework for the Carbon Credit Trading Scheme and the Indian Carbon Market.

Corporate Climate Action in India

An analysis of NSE 500 companies indicates the following:

  • 83% of the companies disclosed Scope 1 and 2 emissions, yet only 33% (2023) revealed Scope 3 emissions.
  • Only 25% companies have set a Net-Zero target.

Accelerating corporate climate action is essential to meet India's Net-Zero goal by 2070.

CII – Net Zero Program

Program Objective

“Steer decarbonization pathways by enabling companies & corporates to commit and accelerate actions towards Net - Zero emissions”


Stream 1 - Transition towards Net – zero emissions (addressing scope 1 & 2)

Stream 2 - Enhancing sustainable supply chain (addressing scope 3 emissions)

Participating companies (as of February 2024)

Sagar Cements CUMI
Galaxy Nuvoco Suven Pharma
and many more to join...

10+ million tons of CO2e cumulative GHG emissions


Benefits of the CII-Net Zero Program
  • Ready-made tools & resources for scope 3 emissions inventorization
  • Focused & individual handholding for every organization
  • Strategies for GHG emissions reduction (scope 1 &2)
  • Showcase climate leadership through corporate actions
  • Commitment to climate resilient development
CII-GBC: Experience & Expertise in GHG management
  • 6.3% of India’s annual emissions inventorized cumulatively (170 MtCO2e)
  • GHG studies in 22 sectors across 24 states
  • 200+ Corporate GHG studies & 1000+ employees trained
  • Decarbonization roadmaps for 5 carbon-intensive sectors
  • National level datasets specific to India for Cement, Concrete, Steel, Power Generation, Coal Mining, and Transportation.


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